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Do not wait for an appointment: you can contact any available Doctor online. With the help of SeconDOK, professional Doctor can provide you with the medical advice, communicate his second opinion anytime and everywhere.


Anonymity for the patient

SeconDOK is absolutely anonymous to the Patient. You will keep your identity in complete secrecy. Doctor will work on the basis of the information that you decide to provide: a filled in SeconDOK medical record, photo, tests result.


Time and Convenience

Internet never sleeps, so you can get Doctor’s advice at any time. You can choose a Doctor from anywhere in the world, get the opinion of a Pediatrician, Therapist, Dermatologist, Surgeon and other Physicians from Ukraine, Russia, USA, Israel and other countries. We are constantly working to ensure that the necessary and qualified Doctors are registered in the SeconDOK platform.


Benefits and Simplicity

SeconDOK is convenient and financially effective, especially for countries where medical advice is very expensive.

We make medical advice, second opinion of a Doctor accessible to a wide range of Patients.

SeconDOK simplifies the the formulation of the task for the Doctor, we save Doctor’s time, reduce the costs of visiting. Thus, we come to the effective cost of the Doctor’s online consultation.


Professional, Proven MDs

SeconDOK is a platform for providing professional medical advice to Patients. Therapist, Surgeon, Pediatrician, Allergist and other Doctors are available online.

Multistage Doctor verification, feedback and performance monitoring system, ratings allow Patients to choose the best Doctors.


Second opinion

SeconDOK will not replace a visit to a Doctor, but will give the Patient a second opinion, a quick response of a Doctor to the Patient’s question. You can choose any specialist online with the criteria that you are interested in: academic degree, duration of practice, rating. Perhaps you will be interested in an alternative opinion of a Doctor from medical schools in Eastern Europe, China or India.

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How SeconDOK works

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