SeconDOK is a smart and easy-to-use medical platform that connects Patients with practicing Doctors around the world

With the help of SeconDOK, you can be sure that there are no limits for Doctors in providing professional medical advice to her Patients.


New patients

Why should the best Doctor be associated with only one medical institution if he can help many people around the world? Your medical practice can expand when you begin to provide medical advice online to residents of other cities and countries.

Competence, experience and rating of the Doctor are important for online reception of Patients, not the place or the country where the Doctor is currently located.


We value your time

Online Doctor serves Patients at the time when she is free, not just from 9 to 5. A Pediatrician, Dermatologist, Therapist, Surgeon and other Doctors now can work from home, office or being on a trip. The only thing that matters is the Doctor’s experience, expertise and the desire to help.

The Internet never sleeps. That’s why you can work and provide medical advice online to customers residing in the US, EU, Ukraine and Russia and other countries.



Due to the SeconDОК smart question-and-answer forms, we save the Doctor’s time, limit the costs associated with the office, and guarantee the optimization of the cost of medical advice.


Easy to apply

We provide a multi-level system for Doctor verification, insuring the quality and competence of Doctor’s online medical advice. A Doctor, being experienced pediatrician, dermatologist or therapist can have a higher income and serve people at convenient time. Using the online consultation platform SeconDOK, your dream – your own medical practice and Patients from around the world – is becoming a reality!



Doctors advice

We understand, that an online platform cannot be a substitute of the real visit, but for many cases it’s sufficient to give your advice or view in Patients state of health. Our Patients expect an alternative MD opinion, sometimes an answer to a simple question, which is very important for the patient.

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SeconDOK is a second opinion, advice – not an accurate medical diagnosis

We understand that online platform Patient-Doctor cannot replace a real visit, but in many cases it’s sufficient for the Doctor to give a second opinion to the Patient, to assess the accuracy of the diagnosis, to recommend a Doctor, to suggest an effective method of treatment.

SeconDOK Patients expect to receive an alternative opinion of the Doctor, sometimes just an answer to the essential question, which is important for the Patient.

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